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Dr Hans Krueger talks about spinal cord injury research.

In this video, Dr Hans Krueger discusses the importance of tying economics and epidemiology together in the field of spinal cord injury research. This video was produced by the Rick Hansen Institute in

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Would improvements to stroke care save Canada money?

Cost avoidance associated with optimal stroke care in Canada. ​Krueger H, Lindsay P, Cote R, Kapral M, Kaczorowski J, Hill M. Stroke. 2012, 43: 2198-2206 Access the Journal Article. What

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What is the cost of unhealthy lifestyles in Manitoba?

Two Reports: Making the case for primary prevention.The economic benefits of risk factor reduction in Manitoba. Krueger H. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba. September 2010. Alliance for

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What is the relationship between cancer and infectious agents?

HPV and other Infectious Agents in Cancer: Opportunities for Prevention and Public Health ​Krueger H, Stuart G, Gallagher R, Williams D. 2010. New York (NY): Oxford University Press. Access

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What should we do about smoking and obesity?

This book on smoking and obesity was based on a project H Krueger and Associates Inc. completed for the BC Healthy Living Alliance. Despite significant progress due to public health

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How can we prevent cancer in survivors?

The Prevention of Second Primary Cancers: A Resource for Clinicians and Health Managers. ​Krueger H, McLean D, Williams D. Progress in Experimental Tumor Research. Volume 40 VIII, 2008. Access

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