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How can we prevent cancer in survivors?

The Prevention of Second Primary Cancers: A Resource for Clinicians and Health Managers.

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Krueger H, McLean D, Williams D. Progress in Experimental Tumor Research. Volume 40 VIII, 2008.

Cancer survivors want to know how to prevent cancer from recurring. This book examines the relationship between initial (primary) cancers and second primary cancers. A second primary cancer is a new primary cancer developing  in a new site or tissue and subsequent to the initial cancer.

Prevent Cancer with this Valuable Resource

Secondary primary cancers are now more common, and research into them has intensified. We reveal fascinating data that can help healthcare professionals know where to look when they are monitoring a patient. This text is a valuable resource for oncologists, general practitioners and health administrators.

This book provides a synthesis of the current research on second primary cancers, culminating in pertinent summary charts, covering the whole spectrum of first and second primary cancers and the association between them.

Reducing the Burden of Second Primary Cancers

prevent cancerReaders will gain a general understanding of the epidemiology and of the excess risk of second primary cancers following an implicated first malignancy. The known or suspected etiologic factors for second primary cancers are identified, and the field is further narrowed to those factors that are modifiable in practice.

Effective preventive measures that might reduce the burden of second primary cancers, both for individuals and across at-risk populations, are presented.