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About Dr Hans Krueger

hans-krueger-consultingH Krueger & Associates Inc. was founded in 1995 as a healthcare consulting firm. We began by providing economic and epidemiological analyses for a variety of major health authorities and agencies in BC. The company has expanded to provide services across Canada, including federal and national agencies.

Dr Hans Krueger

Dr Hans Krueger, the founder, has a PhD in Health Policy/Research from the University of British Columbia. Prior to obtaining his PhD, Dr Krueger graduated at the top of his class in with an MSc in Health Services Planning and Administration.

Dr Krueger is an award-winning author with a reputation for a rational and disciplined approach to research and analysis. He has contributed to many peer-reviewed publications and he has co-authored five books.

In addition to being the president of H Krueger & Associates Inc., Dr Krueger is an adjunct professor at the UBC School of Population and Public Health.

Key Research Interests

A key research interest is the economic impact of risk factors for chronic disease (i.e. tobacco smoking, excess weight, physical inactivity, alcohol use) and the potential for cost avoidance associated with reducing the prevalence of these risk factors in the population.

Community Engagement

Dr Krueger currently serves as a volunteer board member with five non-profit community agencies across Canada. He is a popular guest speaker whose presentations are always educational and engaging.

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