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What should we do about the economic burden of excess weight?

Dr Hans Krueger wrote this editorial for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, an online scientific journal published by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Editorial: The Weight

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What is the cost of unhealthy lifestyles in British Columbia?

The economic benefits of risk factor reduction in British Columbia: excess weight, physical inactivity and tobacco smoking. ​ ​Krueger H, Rasali D, Pennock M, Gustin S. Provincial Health

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Dr Hans Krueger talks about the economics of unhealthy lifestyles

This Interview with Dr. Hans Krueger was produced for the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention.This video is a 90 second summary of a guest post available at https://cancerprevent.ca/blog/economics-unhealthy-behaviours. Dr

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What are the benefits of risk factor reduction in Canada?

The economic benefits of risk factor reduction in Canada: tobacco smoking, excess weight and physical inactivity. ​Krueger H, Turner D, Krueger J, Ready AE. Canadian Journal of Public Health

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