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The Economic Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Dr Krueger and his team of researchers completed a careful analysis of fruit and vegetable consumption patterns of Canadians between 2000 and 2013 and estimated the economic burden associated with low

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What is the cost of unhealthy lifestyles in Canadian men?

The release of our report on unhealthy lifestyles in men marked the start of the second annual Canadian Men's Health Week in 2015, which ran from June 15 to 21. This is an awareness campaign by the

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What if we restricted the advertising of unhealthy food and beverages to children?

Dr Hans Krueger prepared this presentation for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Childhood Obesity Foundation in March 2015. Scroll to 4:40 to skip the preamble that was recorded with this

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Dr Hans Krueger talks about the economics of unhealthy lifestyles

This Interview with Dr. Hans Krueger was produced for the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention.This video is a 90 second summary of a guest post available at https://cancerprevent.ca/blog/economics-unhealthy-behaviours. Dr

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What is the cost of unhealthy lifestyles in Manitoba?

Two Reports: Making the case for primary prevention.The economic benefits of risk factor reduction in Manitoba. Krueger H. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba. September 2010. Alliance for

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