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What if everyone was as healthy as British Columbians?

Our research showed that BC was the healthiest province in Canada. It had the lowest prevalence of tobacco smoking, excess weight and physical inactivity. What if residents of the other provinces were as healthy as British Columbians? How much could Canada save?

Variation across Canada in the Economic Burden attributable to Excess Weight, Tobacco Smoking and Physical Inactivity

cover variation across Canada

Krueger H, Krueger J, Koot J. 2015. Canadian Journal of Public Health. Vol 106, No 4: 171-177.

Healthcare Costs across Canada if Everyone was as Healthy as British Columbians

If other provinces had the same prevalence rates as BC for tobacco smoking, excess weight and physical inactivity, the annual economic burden attributable to these three risk factors would be reduced by $5.3 billion across Canada.

These cost savings encompass both direct medical costs and indirect costs such as disability and shortened lives.

Cost for Excess Weight exceeded Cost for Tobacco Smoking

A second key finding was that the economic burden attributable to excess weight was 25% higher than that of tobacco smoking.

Media Response to our Report

Our report was released on August 17, 2015. Here are some links to various related articles and interviews.

Canada would save billions if everyone was as healthy as BC residents. Read more...

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Obesity now costs the economy more than smoking.

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