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Which clinical preventive services are worth funding?

This research was initiated in 2009, in collaboration with the UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research. Our work for the BC Ministry of Health Lifetime Prevention Schedule Expert Advisory Committee is ongoing.

A Lifetime of Prevention.

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The Report of the Clinical Prevention Policy Review Committee, December 2009.

clinical preventive services

Assessment of Clinical Preventive Services

H Krueger & Associates Inc. developed an approach to assess clinical preventive services in British Columbia. We included screening for colorectal cancers, alcohol screening and brief interventions, preventing falls in the elderly and so on.

Questions we addressed were:

How many quality-adjusted life years could be gained if the preventive service was implemented in BC?

What is the cost effectiveness of each preventive service?

Can we rank clinical preventive services in terms of value for money?

Our results were used to create British Columbia’s lifetime prevention schedule. Please refer to the report, A Lifetime of Prevention.